How to Fix Insta­gram Share to Face­book Not Working? – 3 EASY WAYS!

Hey there! I know you must be feeling worried about why your Facebook and Instagram links aren’t working. We’re here to help with a few quick solutions that should get things back up and running in no time at all – just follow these three easy instructions:

If you like me you might take photos for your Instagram account and then post the same photos for all your followers on Facebook.

It’s very simple Right…! I mean the link is right there but then most of the time it just doesn’t work so well how we can Fix that well this guide is all about those fixes.

So, you are searching in google for How to Fix Insta­gram Share to Face­book Not Working then you have come to the right place.

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How to Fix Instagram Share to Facebook Not Working

First Solution: Try logging out from both the apps Facebook and Instagram

The first thing that you can do is try logging out from Facebook and from Instagram.


  • First, go to the profile section and open up settings
  • Then scroll down and tap Log Out
  • That’s It 🙂


  • First, head over to settings.
  • Then scroll down and tap on the Logout
  • That’s It

Now next up log in first on the Facebook app and then log in to the Instagram app because then it will properly link your Facebook account to Instagram but just in case if the profile linking is not done, the next thing you can do is try relinking both the profiles.

Second Solution: Try Relinking Both the Profiles

  • Once again head to the profiles settings inside the Instagram app.
  • TAP on Accounts → Linked Accounts
  • Then again on Facebook, the Instagram app will now ask you to once again grant it necessary permissions
  • After logging into your Facebook account
  • Once’s done, your issues should be resolved most likely.
  • That’s It

Now for 90% of the cases, these two solutions will solve the issue but just in case your problem is not solved what you can do is try resetting your Facebook account password 🙂 Yes, that can help.

Third Solution: Reset Your Facebook Password

  • First, open up the Settings section
  • Then Tap on Security & login option
  • Once there Tap on change password options and all you need to do is now change the password just make sure that it’s secure and something you remember.
  • That’s It 🙂

Now once you have changed your Facebook password will be logged out from all the devices and linked accounts.

But there’s a high possibility because of this issue you’ll not be logged out of the link account of Instagram Yes the Facebook and the Instagram account will not be unlinked.

  • First, head over to the profile settings on Instagram
  • Then Tap on the linked accounts
  • Here select Facebook
  • Then Unlink your account

Now link your Facebook account again by granting it all the necessary permissions and your issue should be resolved.

So till now, we have seen fixes from the Instagram site but then what if the issue is from the Facebook site, Yes it can be a possibility, and for such reasons I mean before we proceed I just want to tell you that if we follow these steps there is a 99% of the chances are there that you will delete all the images that you have posted on Facebook from your Instagram app NOW THAT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Let’s see how you can execute the steps on the Facebook app?

  • First of all, Just open up the Facebook site on your desktop browser
  • Then open up settings
  • Here in the Apps and Websites section select Instagram
  • Now click on Remove

Now this will revoke your Instagram access to Facebook and you’ll have to simply link your Facebook account to your Instagram app as we showed you in the next previous steps.

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