FIX: Ryzen Master Error 2753 The file Setup.exe is not marked for installation

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Today I was trying to install Ryzen Master but failed due to Ryzen Master ”Error 2753: The file ‘setup.exe’ is not marked for installation.”

I tried to run this in compatibility mode to solve this problem and also tested downloading and reinstalling it, but am experiencing the same 2753 problem.

Why does the AMD Ryzen Master Error 2753 occur?

Generally, this error 2753 occurs when you try to Setup or install AMD Ryzen Master software.

This problem can occur even if a temporary installation file has already been created on your computer.

In this guide I will show you how to fix it, so let’s know without wasting time.

Ryzen Master Error 2753

How to Fix AMD Ryzen Master Error 2753

Step 1: First, make sure that you download the latest Ryzen Master Utility from AMD.

Step 2: Then run exe file to install.

Step 3: Now wait until you get the error

Step 4: If you get this error, Go to the folder C: > AMD >RyzenMasterExtract > MSIFiles > Qt_D dependencies

Step 5: Now find the Setup.exe file and Run as Administrator

Step 6: Finally, install AMD Ryzen Master without error.

If this is still not working, try 5setup.exe and other setup.exe files with a number in front of it.

That’s It 🙂

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