The Ultimate Guide: How to Set or Change Wallpaper on iPhone 14

Changing the wallpaper is one of the finest ways to make your iPhone 14 your own. It’s a strong and useful device. You can select the ideal wallpaper to suit your style among the various options offered.

You can set or modify the wallpaper on your iPhone 14 by following the instructions in this article. We’ll also offer some advice on how to select the ideal wallpaper as well as resources for doing so.

How to Set or Change Wallpaper on iPhone 14

The methods below will show you how to set or modify the wallpaper on your iPhone 14.

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Select Wallpaper.
  • Select Add New Wallpaper.

You have the following selections:

  • Select a picture from your Camera Roll.
  • Select a live photo from your camera roll. When you tap on Live Photos and animated backgrounds, a brief clip starts to play.
  • Wallpapers that change: Select a dynamic wallpaper from the list. Dynamic wallpapers are those that alter throughout the day in response to the time of day, the climate, or other circumstances.
  • Color: Pick wallpaper that is one solid color.
  • Select a blurry background so that your Home Screen icons can be seen through it.
  • Other: This area will contain any third-party wallpapers you have downloaded.

The brightness, contrast, and saturation may all be changed after you’ve decided on wallpaper. Additionally, the wallpaper can be cropped to fit your screen.

To set the backdrop image, tap Set. Your Home Screen, Lock Screen, or both of these screens can all have different wallpapers.

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Tips for Choosing a Wallpaper

The following considerations should be made while selecting a wallpaper for your iPhone 14:

Resolution: Because the iPhone 14’s display has a high resolution, you should pick a wallpaper that is at least 1125 x 2436 pixels in size.

Contrast: The iPhone 14’s True Tone display allows the colors to change depending on the surrounding lighting. Some wallpapers may appear washed out as a result. Select wallpaper with a high contrast to prevent this.

Brightness: The iPhone 14’s OLED display can generate true darkness because it uses LED technology. Some wallpapers may appear too dark as a result. Pick a wallpaper with a bright background to prevent this.

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Locations to Find Wallpaper

Wallpapers for your iPhone 14 are available in a variety of locations. Here are some recommendations:

Apple’s website: On Apple’s website, you may download a variety of free wallpapers.
The App Store: There are numerous apps that allow users to download wallpaper.
Google Images: Google Images allows you to search for wallpaper.
Pinterest: Find wallpapers on Pinterest by searching for “iPhone wallpapers” or “iPhone 14 wallpapers.

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A simple and quick method to make your iPhone 14 uniquely yours is to personalize it with custom wallpaper. With so many options, it’s simple to choose the perfect wallpaper to match your aesthetic.

You may quickly and easily personalize your iPhone 14 by changing the background. You can choose the ideal wallpaper to complement your style thanks to the wide variety of alternatives offered.

To get a wide selection of wallpapers for your iPhone 14, follow the procedures offered, think about the suggestions for choosing the ideal wallpaper, and check out the suggested sources.

Make your smartphone uniquely represent you by letting your creativity show through.

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