How to Enable Parallel Apps on OnePlus 10 Pro – EASY STEPS!

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You can enable parallel apps or dual apps in OnePlus devices using your OnePlus 10 Pro’s Settings app.

If you use this feature or setting, you can access two accounts of the same app on your OnePlus 10 Pro, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other apps that support this dual app feature.

How to Enable Parallel Apps on OnePlus 10 Pro

Why Dual Apps Important In Android?

You can use this feature to save your time because instead of switching accounts, a clone app will be made for your apps.

In which you can easily use your two accounts simultaneously, at the same time, by enabling split-screen mode in your OnePlus 10 Pro.

Now the question in your mind will be how? Let’s Know….!

How to Use Dual Apps on OnePlus 10 Pro/ OnePlus 10

Step #1: First, pull down the Notification panel from the top of your OnePlus 10 Pro screen and touch the Settings gear icon and open the settings.

You can also go through your Settings App, you can go to the settings in any of the two ways, it is the same.

Step #2: Then go down and find Utilities and Tap on it.

Step #3: Tap on the ”Parallel apps”.

Here you can see the list of apps that we can clone and create dual apps.

Step#4: Select the application in which you want to use the dual application feature.

Step #5: Now on your OnePlus 10 Pro home screen, you will see the second app icon of the application, which has recently been dual.

Step #6: That’s It 🙂

Now, you can enjoy two different accounts for the same app by following the steps mentioned on your OnePlus 10 Pro and other OnePlus devices.

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How to Use and Enable Split Screen Mode in OnePlus 10 Pro

  1. First, Tap on the Recent apps on your OnePlus 10 Pro.
  2. Then press and hold the app and Tap the Split screen.
  3. Now, set the app at the top half of your OnePlus 10 Pro screen.
  4. Then you select “Applications” from the application list.
  5. That’s It 🙂
  6. Enjoy dual apps in your OnePlus 10 Pro.

If you want to close or exit split-screen mode in the OnePlus 10 Pro? Please read this article: How to Close Split Screen Mode in OnePlus 10 Pro?

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