Samsung M40 Proximity Sensor Not Working? 2 EASY WAYS!

Hello Guys, Here’s we learn How to fix Samsung M40 Proximity Sensor Not Working?

So first we need to find out whether it is a hardware or software problem.

Let’s check the hardware of the proximity sensor is working or not in the Samsung Galaxy M40.

  • First, You need to open the phone dialer and just type *#0*#.
  • Then go to the Sensors

So just click on the sensor and then cover the proximity sensor, by doing this your screen will start blinking green color and will start vibrating.

Now it is very clear that there is no problem with the hardware.

Samsung M40 Proximity Sensor Not Working

2 Ways to Fix Proximity Sensor in Samsung galaxy M40?

Solution #1: 

So now there’s some problem with the software or if you are using tempered glass so it must be the problem with that.

Try to remove the tempered glass or any screen guard, and check whether the proximity sensor is working or not.

Maybe the problem might fix by removing the tempered glass.

Pro Tip: Use an original tempered glass that has a cut for the proximity sensor in the upper area of the display.

Still, if you are facing the proximity sensor problem then you need to factory reset the Samsung Galaxy M40 and just check whether it is working or not.

Solution #2: 

Even if you tried the first method, your problem was not solved. So you have to reset your phone, this will solve your problem. But before reset please backup all the important images and data.

Follow the steps given below to reset your Galaxy M40:

  • First, go to Settings App
  • Then Tap on the General management
  • Select Reset button
  • Now tap on the Factory data reset
  • Then Tap Reset
  • Finally, Tap Delete All
  • That’s It

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Final Words:

So this comprehensive Step-by-step guide was about Samsung M40 Proximity Sensor Not Working?

I hope these solutions have helped you in solving the problem of the Proximity Sensor Not working in the Galaxy m40?

which of the methods you have to try first?

If you have questions related to this guide, then comment in the comment section below.

Thanks for Reading this Guide till the end…..!

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