How to Fix Redmi A2 Network Problem? – EASY METHODS!

You are reading the right article! Today in this article, I am going to tell you about How to Fix Redmi A2 Network Problem?

If you are experiencing network issues on Xiaomi Redmi A2, like not getting a proper signal or the mobile data network not working. Also, you can see the ups and downs of the phone network.

This could be due to a malfunction in your signal receptor or hardware problems, don’t worry, I have some solutions.

If you are facing these types of problems then you have come to the right place.

This is a common problem that many Xiaomi users are facing, I have some solutions that have worked for me, and today I am going to share those solutions with you.

Fix Redmi A2 Network Problem

Five Proven Solutions to Solve Network Problem In Redmi A2

Below are some solutions that will work for all types of Android devices.

The described steps and settings are different for each device, you can find out according to your device, I have explained here the settings and steps of the Xiaomi device.

Ready for the guide? Let’s get started without wasting any more time.

SOLUTION #1 –  Remove and Reinsert the SIM card from your Redmi A2

First, turn off your device, only then do the work of installing or removing the SIM card in your Redmi A2. Because by not doing so, you can damage your device or SIM card.

SOLUTION #2 –  Turn On and Off the Airplane Mode in Redmi A2

There are two ways to enable and disable airplane mode

Method #1:

  1. First, Go to your phone ”Settings App”
  2. Then under Connection & sharing, Here you will see Airplane Mode
  3. Now Turn On and Off the Airplane Mode
  4. That’s It 🙂

Method #2:

You can also access this mode quickly from the upper Notification panel simply slide it down and locate the airplane mode icon click on and as you can see mobile data and Wi-Fi have been activated now simply turn On and Off the airplane mode.

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SOLUTION #3 –  How to Reset Network Settings in Redmi A2

  1. First, Go to your phone Settings App
  2. Then find and Tap the Connection & Sharing TAB
  3. Now Tap on Reset Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and Bluetooth
  4. Finally, Tap on Reset Settings and confirm by OK
  5. That’s It 🙂

SOLUTION #4 –  Update your Redmi A2 to the latest version

If a new software update is available on your Redmi A2 and you have missed the updates, you can check and install it by going to Settings → About Phone → Check for a Software update.

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SOLUTION #5 –  Factory Reset your Redmi A2 (Last option)

If the above measures do not fix this problem, you will have to reset your device once.

Make sure to fully back up your android device before you do the factory reset process.

Follow the steps given below to factory reset your device:

  1. First, Go to your phone Settings App
  2. Then find and select System → Advanced
  3. Tap on the Reset Options
  4. Choose to Erase all data (Factory Reset) → Reset Phone
  5. Now finally, tap on the “Erase Everything” button and enter your screen lock password if you have set any screen lock password.
  6. That’s It 🙂

This is a common problem that everyone faces, you can troubleshoot this problem by following the usage mentioned by us.

If you are currently experiencing a network problem in your Redmi A2, then make sure to leave a comment in the comment section below, and I will try to answer it.

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Some Details about Xiaomi Redmi A2:

This Redmi A2 features a 6.52-inch FHD+ IPS LCD screen with 720 x 1600 pixels and a 20:9 ratio aspect ratio, powered by the Mediatek Helio G36 chipset based on the 12-nanometer process.

Also, Redmi A2 was launched in Two variants, Talking about the camera, we have a 08-megapixel primary camera, and then a 0.08-megapixel depth camera.

Talking about the front camera, the front camera is 5 megapixel, and we have a 5000 mAh battery with 10W normal charging.


So this comprehensive Step-by-step guide was about How to Fix Redmi A2 Network Problem? I hope this guide will be helpful to you.

Which solutions would you like to try first in this guide?

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