How to Turn On Safe Mode In Samsung A20? [DETAILED GUIDE]

Today in this article, we have come up with a comprehensive guide on how to Turn on Safe Mode in Samsung A20.

So, if you are looking for a guide on how to turn on Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy A20, then you have come to the right place.

What is Safe Mode?

If you are an Android user, then you must have seen Safe Mode in your mobile at some time, or many times Safe Mode automatically turns on your mobile.

What is Safe Mode In Android

But do you know what is this safe mode? What are its uses, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using it.

Safe mode is a diagnostic mode on any Android device with the help of which you can fix minor problems of your device.

For example,

Suppose if there is an application installed in your device that is hanging your phone too much, slowing down, or crashing your application automatically, then if your device also has some such type of problems.

So you can easily solve those problems by going to safe mode.

Why Safe Mode is Important?

When you turn on safe mode on your device, then your mobile setting defaults.

Which makes your device like a newly purchased smartphone.

Also, whatever application you have installed on your Android device, whether installed from Playstore or any other third party app store.

All those applications will be closed on your Android phone, due to which whatever problem is there in your device, then these problems will not be in safe mode.

You can easily use your phone and go into settings and uninstall the application which is causing the problem in your phone.

So, without wasting time, know how to turn on Safe Mode!

Two Easy Methods to Turn On Safe Mode In Samsung A20

Turning on Safe Mode is very easy, just follow the methods mentioned below.

METHOD 1: How to Enter Safe Mode in Samsung A20?

  1. First, Power Off the Samsung Galaxy A20 completely.
  2. Then, turn on your device, and when the Samsung logo appears, press and hold the Volume Down button.
  3. You have successfully booted into safe mode.
  4. That’s It 🙂

METHOD 2: How to Turn On Safe Mode in Samsung A20?

  1. First, press the Power Button.
  2. Then Touch and hold the Power Off icon Button
  3. Finally, Touch Safe Mode Icon
  4. That’s It 🙂

How to know Safe Mode is On or Off?

You will see Safe Mode on the lower-left corner of your phone screen.

Three Easy Ways to Turn Off Safe Mode In Samsung A20

Turning Off/ Exit Safe Mode is very easy, just follow the methods mentioned below.

METHOD 1: How to Exit Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy A20?

To turn off safe mode, you need to restart the device, press and hold down the Volume down and Power button for few seconds to restart the device.


Hold down the Power key, then you will see the option to Restart, just press the Restart icon.

METHOD 3: How to Turn Off Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy A20?

  1. First, Swipe from top to bottom of the screen, and open the Notification Panel.
  2. Then, select Safe Mode Notification
  3. Finally, Tap Turn Off Safe Mode
  4. That’s It 🙂

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If your device is working well inside safe mode, Then your phone’s problem is with a 3rd party application that you can fix by uninstalling that application.

Wrapping up: 

So this comprehensive guide was about how to Turn on safe mode in Samsung A20, I hope this guide will be helpful for you.

If your phone still has a problem while booting in safe mode, the problem may be of the operating system or physical hardware.

Which you can find a solution to your problem by going to Samsung official chat support.

If you have questions related to this guide, then comment in the comment section below.

Thanks for Reading this Guide till the end…..!

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