Top 10 Best Android Apps April 2021: YOU MUST INSTALL!

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Today in this article we are going to look at the top android apps for this month and all of the apps that I have listed in this article are new and latest which are just launched recently.

So you won’t find any old apps, So without wasting time let’s get started.

10 Best Android Apps April 2021

1. One Half

The first app on the list is One Half, this application is a stylish slicing puzzle game that has a huge collection of objects like beautiful objects, fresh fruits, and big stones.

And more which you split up with one or two fingers into half try to split the objects as accurately as you can and you will win the game.

2. Genius

The next app is genius this app lets you create intelligent and dynamic avatars that you can make look just like you can edit your face clothes and accessories.

And then you can use the genius keyboard to use your avatar stickers on various social platforms.

3. Pixal Loop

The next app is Pixel Loop this app lets you animate your still photos into beautiful animated pictures.

You can also add different types of moving skies in your scene, plus you can add overlays like these, and you can add cinematic effects.

And then share your creation in different sizes and ratios.


The next app is ABCD well this app is an EIN that turns your drawing into a realistic picture just point something on the canvas by choosing different brushes.

And then choose a style and it will magically create a photo for you.

5. Fluent Forever 

The next app on this list is Fluent Forever, this app brings a revolutionary language learning method based on your science.

First, it lets you learn pronunciation and train your ears then it lets you learn vocabulary through images.

Then it lets you learn grammar through stories and then finally you will practice speaking with native tutors.

6. 1Block

The next is 1Block, this app allows you to block or limit distracting apps

If you are looking for an Adblocker without ads then this application is for you with 1block you set multiple profiles and add time ranges days & weeks and add limits to apps or block them completely.

Also, quickly block an app for your preferred time you can also check your past usage.

7. CityBugs

The next app is city bugs lets you discover or report different social issues in your community.

You can browse problems and give suggestions and innovative ideas or do discussion to improve your community

You can also report a problem in your community by creating a bug describing the problem and uploading the photos.

8. Byozo 

The next app is Bo so this app takes a different approach to make you finish your task, you can add tasks and add focus or make one of your tasks a focus.

And you can describe why your task is important and when you are done with your focused tasks you can choose the effort it took you to complete that
focus and that’s it.

9. NoFilter

The next app is no filter, no filter apps allow you to discover amazing spots all over the world.

You can found the exact location of where the photo was taken and save sports you love in the collection.

And you can share the photos of the sports that you have discovered with the world.

10. FaceCat 

The next app is face cat, this app as an anonymous messenger app that lets you chat with friends without knowing who is, who you can hide your identity with an avatar.

And nicknames you can explore what people nearby you are sharing you can also follow discuss and chat in private.

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