How to Activate Call Forwarding in Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra: EASY STEPS!

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In today’s guide, we will learn How to activate call forwarding in Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra.

You can set up call forwarding for unanswered calls, unreachable your number, and always forward for all incoming calls.

And you can forward calls to your Xiaomi Mi devices, as well as enable call waiting during a call.

So let’s go without wasting any time.

How to Activate Call Forwarding in Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

How to Enable Call Forwarding in Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

Step #1: First, open the “Phone app” on your phone.

Step #2: Then click on it there will be a “Settings gear” icon at the top right.

Step #3: Now touch on “Call Forwarding

Step #4: Then if you use two SIM cards, select that “SIM“.

Step #5: Now choose “Voice or Video“.

The options below are available for transfer calls.

Always forward: All incoming calls to your number forward to this phone number.

When busy:  If someone calls you and you are busy at the time, it will transfer the call to this number.

When unanswered: If you cannot answer a call, you can divert the call to add a phone number.

When unreachable: Sometimes a call is not connected due to a network problem or a bad signal and the problem occurs, then it will forward the call to another number you have added.

Step #6: Now you can choose any of the options mentioned above according to your choice (We have chosen “Always forward“)

Step #7: Then enter the mobile number and click “update“.

Step #8: That’s It 🙂

You always use this number to receive incoming calls on your device.

How to Stop or Disable Call Forwarding on Xiaomi Mi Ultra

Step 1: First of all, open your phone’s app drawer and open the “Phone app”.

Step 2: Then tap on the “Settings” icon in the top right.

Step 3: Now tap on “Call Forwarding” and choose “SIM”.

Step 4: Then choose “Voice” and touch “Always Forward”.

Step 6: Finally, Click on Turn Off.

Step 7: That’s It 🙂

How to Turn On Call Waiting on Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

If you are busy with any other call, it will inform you of other incoming calls.

Follow the steps given below:

  1. First, open the “Phone App”
  2. Then touch the “Settings Gear” icon on the top right.
  3. Now touch on “Call Waiting” → and click on the “Turn on” button.
  4. That’s It 🙂

How to Turn Off Call Waiting on Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

Phone App Settings Gear Call Waiting Turn ON

That’s It 🙂

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