How to Clear Instagram Cache on Android or iOS: EASY STEPS!

If your Instagram app takes up a lot of space on Android or iOS, don’t worry, today in this article I will show you How to clear the cache on Instagram for Android and iOS.

Do you have a lot of photos and videos on Instagram? If so, then your account might be using up some space.

Clearing out the caches can help make room for other things! It’s important to do this from time to time or else we’ll run into problems with our storage capacities.

The same goes if there are too many posts being saved by Facebook: The social media platform clutters up quickly without regular cleaning (especially since they’re automatically backed up).

Both these social media applications are dependent on internet connection so caching all accessed images and posts is not a big advantage. That’s right?

Because most of the features are cloud-based and yet storing so much data locally is, to be honest, outrageous. Even in today’s time where 64GB storage is considered the lowest for most devices.

So in today’s guide, we will talk about some ways to reduce Instagram storage consumption by clearing the local cache.

clear cache on Instagram

From Android User: How do I clear my Instagram cache on Android?

Do you know now, that clearing the cache of any app is not the same as clearing the data of that app! We should clear the cache often as it fixes many application-related glitches, so clearing the cache is always recommended.

On the other hand, clearing the data will reset your app completely, delete all the data in your app and you will have to sign in again.

Follow the steps below to clear cache and data from Instagram for Android:

  • First, Go to Settings on your phone.
  • Then Go to Apps & notifications (Apps)
  • Now Expand All apps.
  • Find and Open Instagram from the list.

clear cache on Instagram Screenshot 1

  • Then Tap Storage usage (Storage & cache).

clear cache on Instagram Screenshot 2

  • Finally, Tap on the Clear cache button.
  • That’s It 🙂

If you wish to Clear data from Instagram then tap Clear data to clear all data. Keep in mind, that after this you will need to log in to Instagram again!

From iOS User: How to clear the Instagram cache and browsing history on iOS

iOS is a different operating system so iOS doesn’t allow clearing data in the same way you used to on Android. Because iOS’s user interface is different from Android’s, iOS has an option to offload apps, allowing you to delete some of the space the app takes up.

Follow the steps below to offload Instagram on iOS:

  1. First of all, Open Settings.
  2. Then Select GeneraliPhone Storage.
  3. Now find the Instagram app
  4. Finally, tap Offload App.
  5. That’s It 🙂

The steps mentioned above will clear some of the data taken by Instagram on your phone.

Did you know that by deleting and reinstalling the app, you will get the same results as clearing data on Android!

Let’s know how to do it, all you need to do is disable iCloud backup to avoid reinstalling the app.

Follow the steps below to clear the cache on Instagram (reinstall the app):

  1. First, long tap on the Instagram shortcut on your home screen and tap on the Remove app.
  2. Then Tap the Delete app.
  3. Now you have to restart your device once.
  4. After your device booted Go to Settings → Profile → iCloud → Manage Storage → Backups.
  5. Then Select your latest backup.
  6. Toggle Instagram off.
  7. Now Go to the App Store and reinstall Instagram.
  8. That’s It 🙂

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