Top 10 Best Android Apps in May 2021: YOU MUST INSTALL!

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Best Android Apps in May

1.) Typewise Custom Keyboard:

The first app on the list is type wise, type-wise comes with a keyboard layout specifically designed for smartphones which is different from your usual
keyboard layouts type-wise aim to reduce your typos by using a hexagon layout where these are 70% larger.

And much easier to hit which reduces typos by 80% it also comes with some intuitive gestures you can swipe up to capitalize a letter swipe left to delete or swipe right to restore it

Also has a smart autocorrect feature where it learns what you type and helps you write perfect sentences the other great thing about this keyboard is that it runs locally on your device and none of your data is transmitted to the cloud and doesn’t require any permissions.

2.) Faster & Safer Internet:

The next up is clever DNS so the cloud for DNS app comes with this 1.1.11 DNS which makes your internet faster and also comes with warp which is a VPN that makes your Internet safer.

This app makes your internet not only fast but also saved so it’s a really must-have app that you should have on your phone.

3.) Knowt – Quizzes from your notes:

The next step is Knowt, Knowt is an app that uses artificial intelligence to automatically turn your notes into review quizzes.

This is a really good app for students to learn and revise their notes with this effective way this app envisions a new feature of learning 1 which allows you to utilize the notes you have typed to help you learn material faster and better.

4.) MadLipz:

The next app is MadLipz, MadLipz lets you make instant voiceover and subtitle penalties to share with everyone you can select from thousands of ready clips for you to dubs watch and share the profile displays everything you have made.

And you can also showcase your best word in your very own form and you can make really amazing and funny memes for using this app.

Also share it on social media like Facebook and surround I’ve already seen many people using this app to make funny means so yeah I should check this app.

5.) Crono: A Personal Notification Center Companion:

The next app is Crono, Crono is an app that keeps you in sync with all your notifications or calendar events between your phone.

And your desktop and minerals your mobile notifications on your browser you will get push alerts for notification on your PC.

You can clear notifications from your browser and Kornel will clear it from your phone as well you can dismiss calls send instant SMS replies from your browser you can take actions on notification from the browser and the same build too on your phone it can send replies off any chat email app including WhatsApp Messenger Gmail etc.

And the notifications are end-to-end encrypted by default and the encryption keys are shared offline with your browser and app why a QR code and you can hide sensitive notification data with one click.

As well you can also share your clipboard between your browser and device with a single click and another great feature is that if you’re not able to find your phone then you can ring your phone directly from your browser if you’re using a PC.

And you don’t want to pick up your phone again and again to check notifications then you can use this app to access all your notifications directly on your browser.

6.) Blindlee:

The next app is Blindlee, well like they say love is blind Blindlee is a dating based on the same concept line they will initiate a call with someone matching your criteria.

If the person answers it will start a three-minute blurred video call that easy icebreakers during the 3-minute video call women control the blur if both of you like the 3-minute video call it goes into a chat.

So you can take things from there and maybe even meet up so it’s an amazing dating app with a really different concept and I think you must check it out and use it and share it with your friends as well.

7.) Spark Email – Connect Gmail:

The next app is Spark Email, a Spark Email is an amazing email app for your phone that comes with tons of amazing features that aren’t available in your typical email application it has features like intelligent email prioritization noise reduction it bubbles important messages from real people straight to the top of your mailbox.

You can pin and reply to those and batch archive the rest you can simply swipe at the bottom of an email car or folder to read archive delete and move all the emails from that car spark mail reduces the noise by only notifying you about the emails from people that you know and it has some other cutting-edge email tools like snooze email send email leader reminders.

And follow-ups advanced customization and emails Smart Search undo send an email and many more.

If you are tired of your current email application or you want something full of these features then you should definitely check this out and use it as your primary email application.

8.) Subscriptions – Manage your regular expenses:

The next app is a subscription almost everyone now pays for services on a regular basis right whether it’s Spotify Netflix and Amazon you quickly lose track of what you actually spend with this app you simply enter the existing subscription and you have an easy overview.

You can create regular and one-time subscriptions you can enter the billing period to see the next payment date you can add important data to each subscription like you know payments payment method and notes this app supports 160 plus different currencies with the current exchange rate.

So it’s a really good app you must keep on your phone to keep note of all your subscriptions if you want to continue it or you want to keep track of how much you are spending monthly.

9.) Vivaldi Browser:

The next app on my list is the Vivaldi browser this application is a chromium-based extra browser that is also now available for Android and being a chromium-based browser means it carries the same features from Google Chrome.

But it is better in many other ways the vaulty browser doesn’t track you like google chrome does it also offers do not track functionality it’ll block pop-ups and will allow the user to block javascript on websites for added security Ivaldi even has a simple adblocker enabled by default.

There are tons of more features to mention so just check this out in the Play Store.

10.) Parkify – Where is my car:

The next app is Parkify, Parkify tracks your part car without any effort and the way it is different from Google assistant is that it is based on Bluetooth even which doesn’t need any user interactions it will automatically mark your car location without you have to do anything.

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